As a hands-on Director, I get to work my dream job every day!   I get hugs, smiles and high fives every day from happy children and lead loving, caring teachers who work in age-specific classrooms.  

Each one of these classrooms has a goal to help children reach age-appropriate developmental milestones.  The focus of the center is to keep children happy and safe.


Following my marriage twenty-six years ago, I decided to stay home, raise my children and open a home-based family daycare.   After fifteen wonderful years, it became apparent that I was too limited by the amount of space available in my home to adequately serve incoming families.

The doors to Cuddle Time Daycare Center opened in 2008 with five children and three classrooms.  Ten years later, we are licensed to care for sixty-nine children in ten classrooms.  I believe one reason for our successful growth is due to our convenient location in Hamden with proximity to New Haven and North Haven in a country setting that offers plenty of outdoor play space.   We are flexible and understand that every child is unique.  Our affordable rates and a commitment to provide quality child care keeps us busy year after year.


Our center was designed around the family-home daycare philosophy.  We want every family to feel like this is an extension of their home, and we are all a part of one daycare family.   We have an open-door policy, welcome family input and host holiday events for families to celebrate together.  We love diversity in our families and in our teachers, and we believe that it’s a distinct advantage to expose the children to different cultures.    Children and families are encouraged speak their native language and share the various customs they practice in their homes.


We encourage families to tour our facility and meet our teachers.  If we are a “good fit” for your family, we offer free playdates, which allows the parents and the child to feel comfortable before enrollment.   If possible, we encourage families to begin with the continuity of infant enrollment that continues through preschool graduation.   There are many options for parents in this area, and we let our reputation “do the talking.” 


As a hands-on professional and a mother, myself, I understand the enormous responsibility I undertake by caring for the most important people in the lives of new parents.  Please know I am available to all our families 24/7 by either phone, text massage or email.  Our name and our slogan say it all:

Maria Anthony


Loving Care when you are not there!



Ms. Carmen​

  • Mother of 3 and 4 grandchildren

  • Working with children for 25 years

  • I love watching them roll over for the first time and crawling to reach a toy.

Ms. Lisa​

  • Mother of 1

  • B.S.N.

  • Working with children for 5 years

  • I like making them smile!

Ms. Florence​

  • Degree in Business

  • Working with children for 5 years

  • Knowing I played a role in a baby’s learning process makes me truly happy.

Ms. Angela​

  • Mother of 2

  • CDA in Early Childhood Education

  • Working with children 9 years

  • I really enjoy watching them learn and grow.

Ms. Jessica​

  • Mother of 2

  • Worked with children for 10 years

  • Degree in Psychology

  • I find it rewarding to see the children master new skills.

Ms. Courtney​

  • Mother of 1 child

  • Two years credit toward Early Childhood Degree

  • Working with children for 10 years

  • I find it a privilege to watch them grow physically and mentally.

one & two Y/O


Ms. Paulette​

  • Mother of 1

  • Working with children for 8 years

  • Business Degree

  • It is a marvelous thing to watch them grow!

Ms. Lavern​

  • Mother of 1 child

  • Working with children for 8 years

  • Education Degree

  • As part of the messy, amazing learning process, I get to be a crucial part of each child’s development.

Ms. Nataly​

  • Mother of 3

  • CDA in Early Childhood

  • Working with children for 13 years

  • To me children are so precious! I love

      being a part of their busy learning day!  

Ms. Jazmin​

  • Studying for degree in Biology and certificate in Medical Spanish

  • Working with children for 3 years

  • I like teaching them new things, how to do something, seeing them grow, learn new things and have new ideas.

Ms. Teresa​

  • Mother of 1

  • Pursuing degree in Early Childhood Education

  • Working with children for 5 years

  • I find it rewarding to watch children grow and learn new things.

Ms. Evelyn​

  • Pursuing degree in Early Childhood Education

  • Working with children for 2 years

  • Knowing that I had an impact on the learning process of a child is quite rewarding.

Ms. Karen

  • Mother of 3

  • Working with children for 5 years

  • I love working with children and teaching them new skills

Ms. Kayleena​

  • Pursuing nursing degree

  • Working with children for two years

  • I love playing with them and being able to teach them

Ms. Fatima​

  • Mother of 4 plus 2 adopted

  • Currently pursuing Early Education Degree

  • Working with children for fifteen years

  • I love their laughter, optimism and seeing them learn.



Ms. Laura​

  • Mother of 2 and 3 grandchildren

  • Working with children for 20 years

  • Degree in Early Education

  • I love planting the seeds of learning that others may water them.

Ms. Noura​

  • Working on “Pathway to Teaching”

  • Working with children for 10 years

  • Children bring out the best in things.

      They’re always teaching us new ways

      to see things.

Ms. Aracely​

  • Mother of four, one grandchild

  • Working with children for more than fifteen years

  • Degree in Early Childhood Education

  • I love being a teacher and a friend to my kids.