Before your child starts at Cuddle Time Daycare, we must have the following forms completed:


  1. Child Enrollment

  2. Emergency Medical Care

  3. Early Childhood Health Assessment Record

  4. Facility tour


These forms are to be updated yearly, and your child’s immunization record should be updated after each pediatrician’s visit. The forms are required by the State of Connecticut and the Department of Public Health.


Additional required forms include:


  1. Photo Permission

  2. Prescription Medication(s)

  3. Over-the-Counter Medications (i.e. diaper cream, sunscreen lotion, etc.).



Late Arrival and Absences


Parents will call the Center by 10:00 a.m. if your child is going to be late or absent for any reason.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up


Children must be signed-in and signed-out every day by an authorized adult.  An adult must accompany the child to and from his/her classroom every day. Parents will check children’s cubbies daily for daily reports and center notices.


Parental Involvement/Access to Facility and Programs


The  Cuddle Time Daycare Center  maintains an “Open Door” policy.  Parents may visit their children at the center and are encouraged to come to special celebrations.  Please join us for our annual Fire Department visit in the fall and our Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Feast and Holiday Party as well as our Summer Celebration traditionally held in June.


Changes of Clothing


Your child’s clothing (for the changing of clothes) must be clearly labeled with his or her name.  Please make certain to replace these items when used, when the seasons change and as your child grows so your child will always have a change of clothing available.  All outerwear and extra clothing used or left at the center MUST be clearly labeled with your child’s name.


Diapers and Supplies


Parents must supply:  diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, baby food, lunch (see meals and snacks section), bed linens, spare clothing and any other needed seasonal items.




We want your child to be as comfortable as possible during rest times.  All children in our program are required to rest or nap. It is imperative that children have the proper bed linens.  These are the naptime requirements for every child enrolled in the program. Please label all bedding.

All used linens will be sent home on Fridays and clean linen must be returned on Mondays. Soiled linens will be sent home daily.


Meals and Snacks


Please supply your child’s lunch.  Label your child’s lunch bag and individual lunch items.  Food requiring refrigeration will be refrigerated. Microwaves are provided for heating food as needed.  Cuddle Time Daycare will provide a morning and afternoon snack (9:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m.) Milk or 100% juice will be served.  Menus are posted on the parent information bulletin board. Cuddle Time Daycare Center is a peanut and egg-free center.




Toys are not to be brought from home unless requested from your child’s teacher.  If necessary, we will allow a special “rest toy” to be used at naptime. We will not be responsible for lost or missing toys.