What we do

Our Educational Plan

Cuddle Time Daycare has implemented a flexible schedule for our daily program.  Our written schedule is available to parents and staff. Our policies, procedures and activities shall meet and enhance the individual need of the diverse population of children we service.  Our policies, procedures and activities will include children with cultural, language and developmental differences. Our program includes:


  • Child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities

  • Exploration and discovery

  • Varied choice of materials and equipment

  • Individual and small group activities

  • Active and quiet play

  • Rest, sleep and quiet activities

  • Nutritious snacks

  • Toileting and clean-ups


Cuddle Time offer indoor and outdoor physical activities that provide opportunities for fine and gross motor development.  We will provide problem-solving experiences that facilitate concept formation, language development and sensory discrimination. Our educational plan will promote creative experiences that allow children the opportunity to develop and express their own ideas and feelings.  Cuddle Time Daycare will include development in the following areas:


  • Dramatic play and blocks

  • Music and movement

  • Art and media

  • Language and literature

  • Motor activities

  • Science and math

  • Free play


Cuddle Time Daycare staff will promote and model good health practices, sound nutrition and safety awareness.  We will offer experiences that promote self-reliance and build self-esteem. We encourage the opportunity for spontaneous conversation and experience daily with books, poems and songs.

Our Policies


No registration fee is required; the first week’s tuition is due upon the start of daycare and  tuition payments are due weekly. Tuition is due on Monday or the first day of each week. A late fee will be charged if tuition is not received within the week. After five days, your child may not return until payment is made in full.  If tuition is more than two weeks late and late fees are incurred, a letter of dismissal will be issued, and the child’s enrollment slot will not be held. Payment obligations remain.



Parents must give the center a minimum two-week notice when withdrawing their child from the center for any reason.  Should a family wish to withdraw a student sooner, the final tuition remains due. 


Late Pick-up


At all times, the center will be staffed in accordance with child/staff ratios.  At opening and closing, the center will be staffed with a minimum two teachers.


Cuddle Time Daycare Center will close at 6:00 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday.  Please plan to arrive no later than 5:55 to ensure adequate time for teachers to communicate issues of the day before we close at 6:00 p.m.


If a child has not been picked up within five minutes of our closing time, a teacher will attempt to call the child’s parents.  If they cannot be reached, the teacher will attempt to call the emergency and alternate people listed on the child’s enrollment form.


If circumstances arise that prevent parents from picking up their children by 6:00 p.m., parents must call the director to make other arrangements.  There is a $20.00 incremental fee for overtime pick-up. Payments is due by the following day.